"Hey Lightrabbit, do you think tonight will be interesting now that we are warriors?"

Description[edit | edit source]

Jayflight is a blue-grey she-cat.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Jayflight was first mentioned in Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 1.

Her final living mention was in Driftpaw's Rage, chapter 4.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I thought you were always a great warrior." Jaypaw mumbled,

"Do the other clan's attack us?"

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 2

"Smokestar won't just get off his tree and consider any other opinion." Jaypaw chimed in,

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 3

"maybe she's going to get kits soon." Jaypaw chuckled,

"Probably two or three, if they even survive. She's having kits way too late, at her age she should be considered a senior warrior!"

"we were talking about Greystorm. She's probably having kits soon!" Jaypaw chirped,

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 5

"We became warriors!" Jayflight and Applefire came over to her, their eyes filled with joy, "I can't believe it! We must be the luckiest cats ever!" Jayflight mewed,

"that's what you always say."

"she's always like that, don't worry." Jayflight answered him plainly,

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 7

"thanks Rosespots, I felt like I was going to fall asleep at any moment last night." Jayflight mewed,

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 8

"Hey Lightrabbit, do you think tonight will be interesting now that we are warriors?" Jayflight whispered to her,

"especially if you are from Thunderclan." Jayflight added.

-Lightrabbit's Misery, chapter 10

"Good morning Rabbitbreeze!" Jayflight called,

"oh, good morning Driftkit." Jayflight finally noticed the kit,

-Driftpaw's Rage, chapter 1

"Well you must have forgotten the territory layout by now."

"how do you know that?" Jayflight replied,

"yeah, we all need a long break."

-Driftpaw's Rage, chapter 2

"why were you two out of camp without a warrior?"

-Driftpaw's Rage, chapter 3

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